Class Enemy

Directed by: Borut Šeparović


The starting point of Šeparović’s creating of the performance Class Enemy will be the video recording of the anthological performance Class Enemy directed by Vito Taufer; first performed at the Mladinsko in 1982 based on the play by Nigel Williams.

The Croatian director Borut Šeparović, the founder and artistic director of the theatre group Montažstroj from Zagreb, will direct in Slovenia for the first time and together with his colleagues – among whom will be dramaturg Tomaž Toporišič, and also actors Marko Mlačnik and Željko Hrs, who were a part of the cast in Vito Taufer’s performance thirty years ago – he will research the intellectual and symbolic potential of Nigel Williams’s play, especially in the part dealing with the phenomenon of violence.

The performance will pose the the question in what circumstances and with what potential effects and long-term consequences violence can be a generator of structural change in a society, imbued with not only political apathy, but also a complete absence of initiative.



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