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11th November 2011

Svetina´s dramatic poem manages to display the core of a romantic personality. This is a drama which accomplishes to create – for almost two hours – a suspension of present in three-dimensional projection of the Romantic period highlights. In A Tower, the scenes from Hölderlin´s life are ranged in chronological order; however, biographical facts are intertwined with Hölderlin´s fantasy escapes in the world of his admired ancient Greece. The process could look trivial on the stage, but it was saved by another gust of Silvan Omerzu´s brilliancy in puppetry and scenery. Double happening and Hölderlin´s life taking place in two worlds at the same time are effectively illustrated by interventions with puppets. […]

[…] A Tower by Ivo Svetina and Silvan Omerzu [is] a welcome novelty on our stages and a good proof that virtuosity in language can even today be intrinsically linked with meaningful content, and that in theatre it does not indicate (unnecessary) “l´art-pour-l´art” means of subsistence from some previous times. It can still form a part of contemporary theatre.

Polona Balantič

Radio Slovenija


7th November 2011

Around A Tower, in which German poet Friedrich Hölderlin spend almost four decades of his life as a mentally ill guest of joiner Zimmer, the story is spread in concentric circles. Inside of them, there is an unfolding stream of Hölderlin´s life and his poetry connected with unhappy love, leaving, traumas from the past, social events and sickness. In this way, the dramatic poetry of Ivo Svetina is followed by Silvan Omerzu´s contrivance which is based on well thought combination of dramatic and puppet play, usage of a marionette – manual, shadowy and automatic puppet – and which builds a tragic story, but at the same time creates a compact universe of multiple layers of theatrical illusion. Thus it has come into existence complicated and in its way ascetic, but by all means an exceptional performance which places almost one central element in multiple functions on an empty stage.

Tadeja Krečič



10th November 2011

Together with exposed events and circumstances from Hölderlin´s life and around it, performed also with big projections shadow puppets in the stage background and also emphasized with guillotine referring to the rather simultaneous French Revolution, so the performance on top of everything seems to be unbelievably up to date on the world scale. Therefore the performance very suggestively revives the destiny of human “puppets” in a repeating history, thus destiny of an artist and, in general, a human being in past and present.

Uroš Smasek

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