Ivo Svetina

A Tower

Directed by: Silvan Omerzu

Co-production between the Mladinsko Theatre, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre and Artistic Association Konj


The German poet Friedrich Hölderlin (1770–1843) was the bard of the “poor time” and asked himself “why poets”. His time was also the time of the French revolution’s defeat and the beginning of striving for human rights.

Despite his total dedication to poetry, Hölderlin was also a man of body and heart. His love for Susette Gontard, a banker’s wife, inspired verses dedicated to Diotima, and her death caused madness that forced him to stay in an asylum for a year, and then spend 36 years with a carpenter called Ernst Zimmer in Tübingen, in a house with a tower along the Neckar River.

The performance A Tower, based on the dramatic poem written by Ivo Svetina in 2010 specifically for Mladinsko, will be directed by Silvan Omerzu. With actors, marionettes, masks and automats he will try to approach that peculiar state of poets that Plato already dubbed the mania of poets, without which creating poetry is impossible and about which numerous “damned poets” report -- poets who experienced their life and art on the thin line between reason and madness, between reality and utopia …





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