Anthony Burgess

A Clockwork Orange

Director: Matjaž Pograjc

Opening night: 11 December 2009


A story of the 15-year-old Alex, who responds to the world around him with extreme violence. Hence the repressive apparatus subjects him to “treatment”, after which he can no longer choose between good and bad on his own, a choice essential to constituting him as a human being. Now, not only all images of evil, but also the classical music he used to love so much, cause him great physical revulsion.

Anthony Burgess's cult novel and Stanley Kubrick's even more cult film, this time with a twist: done in the manner of theatre, Matjaž Pograjc and Mladinsko. It no longer takes place is the dystopian future somewhere between Russia and America. It happens here, in front of us and with us, in a theatre hall where the stage can no longer be separated from the stalls. Where all of us are subjected to the violence and insecurity of Slovenia or any other country in this consumerist, and unfortunately also dumbed-down world. And this seems to be the key to Pograjc's understanding and theatrisation of the novel and the drama that are the base for the performance: the beauty of art that is transformed into pain and fear.


Maruša Geymayer-Oblak - Hilo Rojo, Christ, dr. Branomova
Željko Hrs - P. F. Alexander, God, Big Bugger, Father, Mother
Nataša Živković - Mrs. P. F. Alexander, Prisoner, Fat Bird, Girl, Nurse
Primož Bezjak - Alex
Blaž Šef - Dim, Prisoner, Clown Crate, Dolin
Uroš Kaurin - Pete, Prisoner, Clown Max, Rubinstein
Ivan Peternelj - Georgie, Big Bugger, Minister of Interior
Ivan Rupnik - Dr. Brodsky
Damjana Černe - Lady, Chaplain, Mother, Father
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Assistant for lyrical rhythm
Blaž Šef

Ms Stupica's assistant
Nuša Bernot
Nina Bric

Assistant costume designer
Neli Štrukelj

Author of the novel and theatre adaptation
Anthony Burgess

Projections and video
Dušan Ojdanič

Tomaž Toporišič

Photos (slideshow)
Sonata Photographica

Branko Potočan

Silence (Primož Hladnik in Boris Benko)

Costume designer
Mateja Benedetti

Language consultant
Mateja Dermelj

Light technician
Tine Bolha

Puppets and animation props
Barbara Stupica

Light designer
Tomaž Štrucl

Make-up artist
Barbara Pavlin

Sound designer
Marijan Sajovic

Tadej Zupančič

Matjaž Pograjc

Set designer
Tina Krajnc
Estríhi & Ométi

Stage manager
Urša Červ

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