21 May 2009

“I was an excellent singer, but Janja Majzelj is even better!” The words of Svetlana Makarovič, the author of the songs – both the music and the poetry – proved to be pure gold at the premiere of A Chrysanthemum on the Piano at the Mladinsko! […] So much vocal expressiveness, excellence in mime and gesture, and such a heartbreaking and convincing interpretation we had never yet seen!
Ona 26 May 2009

A Chrysanthemum on the Piano

Svetlana was the trigger that set Janja Majzelj to explode in creativity that may have even taken herself by surprise. Majzelj was the principal motor, wrote the in-between text, found the musicians and the costumes, she herself, because she felt that she had to do it on her own, once. And so the superb musicians Joži, Jelena, Blaž and Nino were one moment itinerant street musicians, one moment jazz musicians in some metropolitan dive back in the ’30s, while Janja Majzelj … instead of a dramatic cabaret costume with stiletto heels, fake eyelashes and a cigarette holder that the photo on the theatre programme had promised, stepped out in front of the audience wearing a plain white tee and jeans. But when she started singing, she changed with every song: a different dress, different hair, different shoes. There are people who turn into what they say and sing. It's not identification, it’s the power with which they manage to awaken strange archetypes within us, the archetypes we recognize as mine, yours. Therefore the fan of bizarre, vulnerable, dreamy, forgotten women that has opened in front of us doesn't come only from Svetlana's closet, and not only from Majzi's, either; these women are suppressed somewhere in the dusty drawers of our closets as well, right there where we don't want to see them.

Vesna Milek

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