Svetlana Makarovič

A Chrysanthemum on the Piano

A musical theatre project by Janje Majzelj

Opening night: 17 May 2009


Svetlana Makarovič is undoubtedly an excellent Slovenian poet. With her poetry, she says what we are afraid to pronounce, sees where we are afraid to look and denudes where there is the most hypocrisy. “No matter if her songs are provocative, cynical, gentle, or bitter; they always hit straight to the heart, because this is where their gaze is directed,” says the author of the performance Janja Majzelj.Because they’re so expressive they are grateful acting material that downright calls for performance.

A Chrysanthemum on the Piano is a musical-theatre evening where the interpretation of music merges with the stage presence of Janja Majzelj in her two roles, as the author and as a master actress. Or, as Tanja Jaklič wrote in Delo newspaper: “The music, the performance, its dramaturgy, and dance. Everything perfect. /.../ A musical and stage event that has surpassed all expectations – the two names themselves were a guarantee for success: Janja Majzelj as an exceptional interpreter and Svetlana Makarovič as an exceptional poet. Everything lived to perfection."


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