Sat, 24. february at 21.00

Božidar in Mladinsko predstavljata

Čompe – 24 let kasneje!



Tue, 27. february at 20.00

Dežela pridnih

Jezik: moj, tvoj, naš in samo-svoj

Vodi: Boštjan Narat


Wed, 07. march at 20.00

Dežela pridnih

Poklicni nebulotik

Erik Valenčič




PREMIERE: Saturday, 10. March, at 19:00

Sunday, 11. March, at 19:00
Wednesday, 14. March, at 19:00
Friday, 16. March, at 19:00

Directed: Bara Kolenc
Cast:: Janja Majzelj, Blaž Šef, Matija Vastl

Co-produced by: Mladinsko Theatre (Ljubljana), Schauspiel Dortmund, Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture (Ljubljana)

Metamorphoses 4°: Blackholes has been awarded the "Werkauftrag des Theatertreffen Stückemarkts 2016", funded by the Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung (bpb).

A black hole is a point of pure singularity. It is the impossible condition of the possibility of both, matter and anti-matter, it is a point of total destruction and a place of creation.
Using a black hole as a metaphor, the project deals with the erosion of the Western tradition of humanism that has, throughout the history of imperialism, acquired aggressive characteristics, and whose collapse into itself we can currently observe in the re-structuring of the positions of power, the status of truth and of ethical values.

62nd season: No Alarms and No Surprises
5–8 APRIL 2018

We are happy to welcome 10 international students (theatre and performance studies, dramaturgy, directing, etc.) to a showcase weekend at the MLADINSKO Theatre, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Participants will have opportunity to see the most acclaimed performances from the Mladinsko’s recent production, take part in talks, workshops and parties in the theatre club.

The programme is organised in collaboration with Ljubljana’s Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television (AGRFT). Sebastijan Horvat, theatre director, professor at the AGRFT, Ljubljana, and Ana Vujanović, theorist of performing arts, lecturer at SNDO – School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam, will head a series of talks, meetings with artists, etc.

The MLADINSKO Theatre will provide accommodation (April 5–9), including breakfast and theatre tickets. In some cases, we can assist with you travel expenses.

pdfMladinsko_Application (.pdf 18KB)
Please fill the application form and send it to katarina.kosir@mladinsko-gl.si before 28 February 2018.
The results will be published by 5 March 2018.

From 5 to 8 April 2018

4 days, 6 performances, English surtitles

Our Violence and Your Violence
Inspired by Peter Weiss' novel The Aesthetics of Resistance
Directed by Oliver Frljić

Thursday, 5 April, at 19:00

The Ristić Complex
Directed by Oliver Frljić

Friday, 6 April, at 18:00

The Republic of Slovenia

All the authors of the performance will remain anonymous. In this context, the individual simply isn’t important. What is important is the stat(ur)e.

Friday, 6 April, at 20:30

Directed by Weronika Szczawińska

Saturday, 7 April, at 19:00

Bara Kolenc:
Metamorphoses 4°: Blackholes

Saturday, 7 April, at 21:00

The Man Who Watched the World
Directed by Žiga Divjak

Sunday, 8 April, at 19:00
See you in April! New exciting productions are already in the making ...