Wed, 10. february at 19.00

Boštjan Videmšek

Rokova modrina

Matjaž Pograjc


Wed, 10. february at 20.30

Mladinski diskurz

Kaj je koreografija v gledališču druge polovice 20. stoletja in kako jo misliti?


Thu, 11. february at 17.00

Boštjan Videmšek

Rokova modrina

Matjaž Pograjc



Generalni pokrovitelj  sezone 2015/16

The Ristić Complex  was initiated  on the occasion of the Mladinsko anniver­sary – sixty years. We think that this jubilee demands from us to look behind and start a debate about our most relevant performances and directors whose work turned SMG into the cult it is today. The Ristić Complex is based on  the re-contextualization of  the performances directed by Ljubiša Ristić in the Mladinsko, and the idea behind Ristić’s KPGT, a unique federative Yugoslav theatre of a permanent revolution. We believe that this starting point will enable us to carry out a new theatre study of a former context, a common theatre heritage and its influence, its direct consequences on contemporary theatre scene of post-Yugoslav states.

The project has gathered an international, regional team of artists, researchers and producers, who have worked on the collection, analysis and interpretation of the collected material, creating thus a specific network of meanings, a discursive-ideological platform whose final aim is a theatre performance.

Our aim was not to make a theatre performance about the persona of the Yugoslav director Ljubiša Ristić, but a performance about past and present time as seen from the perspective of another generation of artists who make theatre within the relicts of Yugoslav cultural space, who speak their own theatre language, use their own aesthetics and, from the perspective of contemporary knowledge, analyse what they consider to be their cultural and theatre identity.

Mladinsko Theatre (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc (Rijeka, Croatia), BITEF (Belgrade, Serbia) and MOT (Skopje, Macedonia)

Direction: Oliver Frljić

Dramaturgy: Goran Injac, Tomaž Toporišić

Cast: Draga Potočnjak, Nika Mišković, Jerko Marčić, Blaž Šef, Matej Recer, Uroš Kaurin, Primož Bezjak

January, 28th, 29th, 30th ... National Theatre Ivan Zajec, Rijeka, Croatia.

Directed by a young internationally reknowned Polish director Michal Borczuch Princess Dramas by Nobel Prize Winner Elfriede Jelinek are the missing half of Shakespeare’s histories. A cycle of five monologue miniatures. The heroines are half-mythologised female characters who stem from the fairy tale and media worlds, glazed with Schubert’s piece Death and the Maiden: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ingeborg Bachmann, Jacqueline Onassis, Lady Di and Ms Jelinek herself, a feminist communist with a sophisticated sense of fashion who can hide her gaze with a pair of designer sunglasses, but we will always sense firstly a raised eyebrow behind them, which in sublime Bernhard-like manner tells us that the situation of the world of human things truly is as upside down as it seems at first glance.

The ladies’ theatre of Jelinek brings a little of Heidegger-like juggling with Truth and Beauty, some concealed Brechtian political sharpness, some referencing of Vogue, but above all the awareness that pathologies of small societies are simply crystallised symptoms of the great ones. If a wise lady, using the justification pertinent only to the citizens who show their patriotic love in the form of critical distance, once said that “Austria is a small world, a training ground for the big world” – then what is Slovenia?

Can the texts by Elfriede Jelinek speak about the pathology of all small worlds? Is the manner in which the author reveals the phenomena of sexism, fascism, anti-Semitism, relevant elsewhere as well? Can the stage of our theatre bear such dramatic language?

January, 6th and 9th.

As you know, the Mladinsko will soon celebrate sixty years of activity. Even more: it enters the anniversary season with a new management, in a constellation of old and new employees, it comes from the foundations of traditions and turns towards the perpetual search for new practices of work and for comprehending the new.

Mladinsko will not be (only) a theatre of putting on masks. Masks surround us every step of the way regardless. The Mladinsko has to establish itself as a place of directedness, a training ground for the shifting of (un)correctness and the simmering of suppressed emotions, as a pool of solidarity and, above all, as a territory of freedom.

Every theatre needs its Mladinsko. It needs a space where individual acting bravados blend into the youthful storminess of collective acting and where the view of tradition consciously, yet always respectfully, also turns away.

We have prepared an exceptional programme for you. Different, risky, yet loyal to the history of that future that still hasn’t arrived. The future that they want to tear away from us, yet we must never stop demanding.
You will hear more about the season from my dear colleague Goran Injac, whom I have trusted with the artistic direction of the theatre.

Tibor Mihelič Syed,
Director of the Mladinsko Theatre

Matjaž Pograjc's new performance Rok's Depth  (based on a play by Boštjan Videmšek) depicts the life of alpine ski racer and freediver Rok Petrovič.  He won the World Cup slalom title in 1986, but ended his career soon after. 

Oliver Frljić


Oliver Frljić