Fri, 15. december at 20.30

Simona Hamer


Vito Taufer


Sat, 16. december at 19.00

Simona Hamer


Vito Taufer


Sun, 17. december at 18.00

Gledališki koncert po besedilih Gregorja Strniše

Slovenska popevka

Matjaž Pograjc




Since the Mladinsko isn't just Slovenian and since art prefers to roam free of language borders, we have prepared English surtitles for you.

Friday, 29. December, at 20.00

Lars von Trier
The Idiots

Directed by: Nina Rajić Kranjac

Saturday, 30. December, at 19.00 


Agnieszka Jakimiak (text and dramaturgy) • Katarzyna Leks (set and costume designer) • Agata Maszkiewicz (choreographer) • Weronika Szczawińska (director) • Piotr Wawer Jr. (dramaturgy and music selection)

A theatrical concert based on lyrics by Gregor Strniša
Directed by Matjaž Pograjc

In co-production with Training, Occupation and Care Centre Draga

Starting from poems and song lyrics by Gregor Strniša, one of the great Slovenian poets of the last century, Matjaž Pograjc ventures into (in Slovenia still uncharted) territory of disabled theatre and brings together Mladinsko actors, and musicians, singers and dancers with cognitive disability.

Sunday, 10. December, at 19.00
Monday, 11. December, at 19.00
Sunday, 17. December, at 18.00
Tuesday, 19. December, at 19.00
Wendsday, 20. December, at 19.00

The New Post Office
Žiga Divjak, Sebastijan Horvat, Janez Janša
Co-production: Mladinsko Theatre and Maska Ljubljana

Next event
Tuesday, 12.December, at 20.00
Free entery

For The New Post Office, a season-long project,
we’re pooling forces with Maska Institute, which –
like Mladinsko – is dedicated to the sociallyengaged
relationship between theatre and art. The
New Post Office will be an experimental project:
not only will it be a research on the level of creation
and artistic expression, it will also be an innovative
production model. Three directors, a dramaturg
and eight actors/performers will participate in The
New Post Office. Throughout the season they will
research the meaning of artistic work in the social
context and work to understand the presence
of art in wider social events. The participants will
think, respond, create, intervene and establish a
space for dialogue, meetings and confrontations.
They will take artistic risks and try to go beyond the
standardisation that grips the work principles in
theatres and art in general and typically places
finished artistic products into the predictable frames,
thus rendering their social reach barely perceptible
or non- exsistant.
See you next year! A new exciting productions are already in the making ...