The Mladinsko Theatre (Slovenia) wishes to express its solidarity and support for our colleagues and partners, the Powszechny Theatre from Warsaw, in time of the attacks that accompany their latest premiere The Curse (Klątwa), directed by Oliver Frljić, which was inspired by Stanisław Wyspiański’s play of the same name.

Like the majority of Frljić’s performances, The Curse is conceived as a “bomb” filled with meaning, which at the moment of its “explosion” may create a wider social performance piece. The responses to it and the entire series of protests build a narrative about the Polish society today, reveal the symptoms that aren’t always in accordance with the official – or acknowledged – truth of this society, around which a further dialog and reflection can be constructed.

The performance is – in this moment of emerging political tensions, return to conservative values, cursory populism which hides different nationalisms, xenophobia and hate – a truly excellent example of disobedient, critical theatre.

Dear Mr Juncker,

I am writing to inform you about a media campaign launched by Polish national television, which has caused mass hysteria and endangered the safety of the actors and the producers of the production Klątwa (“The Curse”) at Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw, which I directed.

On 21 February, Polish national television published a post on its website illustrated with illegally taken video footage of excerpts from the performance. The clips are taken out of context and accompanied by a misleading article, written with the clear intention of publicly stigmatizing the actors, producers and authors of performance.

Since then, the theatre and the actors have been exposed to an enormous quantity of media violence and hate-speech. This has been encouraged by some members of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice party and the Catholic Church. Teatr Powszechny is trying to protect the actors of this performance, but they cannot do so in a situation where the government-controlled media keep on promoting mass-hysteria.


four performances — one special presentation — two works in progress

from 23 to 26 March 2017

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Thursday, 23 March, at 19:00
Directed by Žiga Divjak

Saturday, 25 March, at 18:30
Inspired by Peter Weiss' novel The Aesthetics of Resistance
Directed by Oliver Frljić

Saturday, 25 March, at 20:00
we, the european corpses
Simona Semenič
Directed by Sebastijan Horvat

Sunday, 26 February, at 20:00
Directed by Oliver Frljić

Special presentation
Friday, 24 March, at 20:00
Dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Slovenia

Work in progress

Saturday, 25 March, at 11:00
Showing of selected scenes
Work in progress
(Lars von Trier)
Directed by Nina Rajić Kranjac

Sunday, 26 March, at 12:00
Showing of selected scenes
Work in progress
Directed by Weronika Szczawińska

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Four performances — one special presentation — two works in progress ...

From 23 to 26 March 2017

Come to Mladinsko – we've got a lot to show you!