Director: Alen Jelen

Cast: Neda R. Bric,Anja Drnovšek k. g., Željko Hrs, Uroš Maček, Janja Majzelj, Maruša Oblak,  Robert Prebil, Ivan Rupnik, Matija Vastl

Rainer Werner Fassbinder didn’t live long, but managed to procure an extensive artistic opus in his thirty-seven years, be it as a director, screenwriter and actor in one person, which mostly narrates a single theme in many ways: about being foreign. If Fassbinder was something, he was an outsider. So it’s not unusual that in Katzelmacher, his film from 1969, he cast himself in the title role. Katzelmacher is a story for today’s needs.

Monday, 5 June, at 19:45

Co-production: Slovensko mladinsko gledališče (Ljubljana) and ARS – 3. channel Radio Slovenija

The Republic of Slovenia, joint production by Mladinsko Theatre and Maska has won the award for the best performance of the Festival The Week of Slovenian Drama. After winning the special jury award at the national theatre festival in Maribor, this is the second award for the Republic of Slovenia, a performance made by the group of anonymous authors.

Next shows are scheduled at the Malta Festival in Poznan (June 17 and 18).
Please find bellow the jury explanation for the award.

Idea, concept, text, almost direction, performance: Uroš Kaurin, Vito Weis
Co-produced by: Mladinsko Theatre and KUD Moment

Hero 1.0 constantly oscillates between parodying heroes from action movies and confirming the idea about the ability to break through despondency and passivity into actively creating a better world. [… It’s probably safe to] predict that the performance will be enthusiastically received by the youth audience.
(Nika Arhar, Delo, 18 October 2014)

Thursday, 8 June, at 19.00
Supertitled in English

Monday, 12 June, at 19.00
See you next year! A new exciting productions are already in the making ...