Monday through Friday, August 26 – 30, Mladinsko Theatre presented in Washington, D.C. production of a play "Nijinsky's Last Dance". Written by local playwright Norman Allen and directed by Marko Mlačnik, the show was starring Primož Bezjak as the legendary ballet dancer Vaslav Nijinsky, who joined the Ballet Russes in 1909.

Nijinsky’s Last Dance triumphed with reviews in Washington Post and on websites such as DC Metro Theatre Arts. "He speaks in Slovenian as his words appear on overhead screens in English. At the end of our fleeting hour in this presence, we sit in rapt awe. A performance is so magnificent that one barely dares breathe. Nijinsky’s Last Dance, by local playwright Norman Allen, has had several productions—but I cannot imagine any as fine as this." wrote John Stoltenberg, whereas Susan Galbraith stressed: »Rarely in Washington can one experience something so raw and emotionally truthful. Anger. Terror. Desire. It’s all there, and isn’t that what theatre is supposed to be about?«

Première: 15 March 2014
This performance will be based on The Clouds by Aristophanes which supposedly contributed to the execution of Socrates.The starting point of director Jure Novak is that the time has come when we have to take sides, because this is a decision against the option and forces whose interest is that we remain undecided. “If revolutions devour their children, do utopias have abortions in advance?” is wondering the director. “Do not believe your students. You have to go alone into the revolution, and with perspective of a suicide, so that you do not await their dictatorship,” is lucid advice of Svetlana Slapšak who is a recognised expert of the ancient world.
The production Socrates, Slavoj and the Sophists is the confrontation with the fact that there is nothing new under the skies. Thus, the politically correct left is only the extension of the right with other means and clearer conscience. Together with what was left of the power of political comedy which in that time allegedly added to the politically fabricated process and the execution of Socrates.

Following succesfull presentations in Germany,  France.  Russia, Portugal and Brasil Mladinskowill open on March, 5th also a new festival in Athens Onassis Centre Transitions. The Onassis Cultural Centre (OCC) is staging a new 'geopolitical' festival this year. Entitled Transitions, the event seeks to broaden and deepen the cultural dialogue with societies which have been subject to radical political and economic changes over the last two decades as well as extreme social phenomena.

The production of Damned be the traitor of his homeland! has been awarded a special prize of the jury at the 9th edition of the Young Theatres of Russia Festival, Omsk, Russia, in 2013.

The decision of the jury reads as follows: To the production of Damned Be the Traitor of His Homeland! for the courage in development of the genre of political theatre
 Un vent de Folie

Mark Tompkins

17th of May 2014

Charismatic  director, choreographer and performer, will join forces with the actresses and actors of our theatre for the first time.

Oliver Frljić

Damned be the Traitor ...