Mon, 27. april at 20.00

Po motivih Eugèna Ionesca


Mateja Kokol


Fri, 08. may at 20.00

Neda R. Bric

Nora Gregor – skriti kontinent spomina

Neda R. Bric


Sun, 10. may at 19.30

Jean Genet


Diego de Brea



HERO 1.0


A project conceived by Uroš Kaurin and Vito Weis

Co-production: Mladinsko Theatre and Kud Moment 

Premiere: 10 September 2014

Description Who are our heroes? Whose heroes are we? Why do we need heroes? What is a heroic act? These – and similar – questions are asked in the Hero 1.0 project, the first premiere of the new season, and at the same time the first co-production between KUD Moment and the Mladinsko Theatre. Authors Uroš Kaurin and Vito Weis find inspiration in the visual representations of the hero from antiquity till today, as well as in the literature, philosophy and their own experience. “The first and greatest hero’s victory is the one he wins over himself. Likewise, the hero in this performance can only be the one who shows no mercy to himself,” they say.

In a performance The Heart in Hand, premiered in June 2014, director Mare Bulc, together with Draga Potočnjak and his artistic collaborators delves into transplantations, organ donations, donors and recipients. Who are they? The former and the latter, the recipients and the donors – so (in)separately connected and so (in)definitely separated from one another. He wants to look into the dilemmas they faced before their decisions and the questions that transplantation medicine triggers in society. “In the system that we – as I idealistically hope – still have: a society of solidarity, a social, accessible public health system that tries to not differentiate. Solidarity! Hope! Respect! Humaneness! This is the world that inspires me!” says the director.

Cast: Alida Bevk, Neda R. Bric, Daša Doberšek, Ivan Godnič, Janja Majzelj, Sandi Pavlin, Ivan Peternelj, Draga Potočnjak, Matej Recer, Stane Tomazin, Matija Vastl
Irena Preda, Polona Janežič: Irena Preda, Polona Janežič

In March the Mladinsko Theatre will organise a very special event for those theatre aficionados who are not familiar with the Slovenian language: A Weekend of Discoveries. In three days, between 20 and 22 March, we will present six of our most resonating performances from the recent seasons. They will all be equipped with English surtitles, and the performance Damned Be the Traitor of His Homeland! will have French surtitles as well.

The following performances will be shown:
  • Friday, 20 March: Un Vent de Folie at 19:00 and Hero 1.0 at 22:00
  • Saturday, 21 March: Pavla Above the Precipice at 17:00 and Damned Be the Traitor of His Homeland! at 20.00
  • Sunday, 22 March: Glengarry Glen Ross at 17.00 and The Heart in Hand at 20.00

Tickets may be purchased at the Mladinsko Sales Gallery at Trg francoske revolucije 5 in Ljubljana from Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 17:30, and on Saturdays from 10:00 and 13:00; telephone 01 425 33 12), and an hour before each performance at the Mladinsko Theatre box office at Vilharjeva 11 in Ljubljana.

Price of an individual ticket: 9 € / *6 €
Price of each ticket when purchasing three or more tickets: 7 € / *5 €
Price for a set of tickets to all six performances: 20 €

Media Patron: The Slovenia Times

David Mamet's  Glengarry Glen Ross

Vito Taufer, a virtuoso of theatre directing, has decided to engage in a dialogue with the grand master of world drama. The result is a stunning acting and performance.

Oliver Frljić

Damned be the Traitor ...