Theoretical background

Aleš Erjavec: Slovensko / mladinsko / gledališče
pdfErjavec (.pdf 1.1MB)

Mladinsko gledališče / Theatre 1955-1980

Barbara Skubic: Mladinsko From its Founding to the Year 1980
pdfFrom 1955 to 1980 (.pdf 1.1MB)

Mladinsko from 1980 to 2005,
From Political Theatre to Theatre of Images

Tomaž Toporišič:  Traces of theatrical Seduction
pdfFrom 1980 to 2005 (.pdf 3.4MB)

Ljubiša Ristić: Missa v a-molu
In 80. Days Around the World by  Jules Vernw, directed by Miran Hercog
Shakespeare: Midsummer Night' Dream, directed by Vito Taufer